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Corporate Wellness

A business may only be as strong as its weakest member. Sick days are on the rise, and we're not talking about the flu either. Seemingly healthy individuals are unable to perform at their jobs because of debilitating digestive disorders and gastrointestinal symptoms, anxiety, depression, distractibility, and insomnia. 

Take on the challenge in your workplace to make lasting change in your levels of concentration, energy, and enhanced immunity...and watch productivity soar. Marisa can show you and your team how to implement educational workshops, accountability groups, challenges with attainable goals, and measurable differences. 

Let's work together to design the perfect program for your company. 

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My philosophy called the "Foundational 5" introduces the cornerstones of vibrant health. As you can see, good health is far more nuanced than just diet and exercise alone. This is where the Ancestral Health model really struts its stuff. Learn more by contacting me.