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My Philosophy

Inspired by the ways of our early ancestors, I practice a flexible, Primal approach in all facets of wellness. By honoring a traditional foods diet, and a connected lifestyle, your body will amaze you with resilience and optimal function.

When we understand our personal connection with food—where our food comes from, and how it makes us feel physically, and emotionally—it makes us feel truly alive. Pairing that with a lifestyle that's connected with one's passion, a community, quality sleep, and nature, then we've got the recipe for vibrant health. 

The graph in this image is something I created called The Foundational 5. It represents the 5 foundational elements needed for optimal health. Many of us only tackle Diet and Exercise, because that's all we've been taught, but we ignore the other foundational elements that need our attention, like sleep and stress. Many times it is a lifestyle factor that holds us back from feeling great, and I've learned that we cannot ignore any of these 5 elements if we truly want to feel mentally and physically great. 

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