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Marisa showed care and compassion, and I felt as though she really invested in my health. She remained positive and encouraging which was also very appreciated. I would recommend her to anyone.
— J.H.

Happy Clients

Marisa has unequivocally changed my life. She was able to identify a health issue that I had chalked up to having small children. After her suggestion, I pursued 3 doctors that drew zero conclusions. It wasn’t until a MD with a PHD in immunology confirmed her raw opinion after testing. She is in tune and in touch with all things nutrition and I am so grateful for her.

— D.R.

I have been to a couple of Marisa’s workshops and they were fascinating. She has a wealth of knowledge on food; it’s amazing how much she knows. She was able to keep my interest the whole time. I would definitely attend another one of her workshops

— T.P.

Last year I was experiencing some health stomach feeling bloated all the time, and I didn't know what was going on. I reached out to Marisa because the doctors were not helping me, and she was willing and able to help right away. She gave me many options as well as recipes that helped a great deal with regulating my body again.

— J.H.

Marisa is very well educated, patient and overall a great resource in the field of healthy eating and wellness. She has helped me on a number of occasions and all of the information she has provided me with has been useful, and I have incorporated a lot of it into my life.

— J.K.