The Most Nutrient-Dense Foods to Eat

This is episode 32 of the Foundation of Wellness Podcast, and it's part 2 of our series on nutrient density. Last week, we explained why nutrient density matters. It impacts your appetite, your bodyweight, and your long term health. In this episode you'll learn much more about superfoods. Not only will we give you an in depth food list of the most nutrient dense and budget friendly foods out there...we'll also discuss things like bioavailability, dietary toxins and the thermic effect of foods.

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Is Functional Medicine the Missing Link on Your Journey to Health?

How frustrating is it that there are so many of us searching for answers, and the only answer we’re given is that we’re “fine”, or we need surgery, or we need medication? Do you believe in the power of your body and it’s ability to get healthy? Functional Medicine provides a different way of thinking about disease…a model based on analyzing the root cause of symptoms and disease.