Health Coaching Services

Photo by Nico from The Perfect Headshot

Photo by Nico from The Perfect Headshot

Private Health Coaching

You feel like you've tried everything, and you want answers. Wouldn't it be great to work with someone who dedicates time to you so that you find answers once and for all? I will help you identify the obstacles in your way, make sense of all the dieting & nutrition advice out there, and find what's missing in your journey towards vibrant health. 

Wellness Workshops

When we come together with common interests or concerns we generate an energy that encourages greater change than ever. I thrive on this energy we achieve together and love speaking to a variety of audiences about the exciting world of nutrition. Yes, it can be exciting! Schedule a workshop with me below, and let's make change possible. 

Corporate Wellness

Many chronic diseases are preventable through realistic lifestyle and dietary changes that are satisfying to take on. Ditch the concepts of calorie counting, willpower, and "everything in moderation". Take on the challenge in your workplace to make lasting change in your levels of concentration, energy, and enhanced immunity...and watch productivity soar. Marisa can show you how.