What if the classic advice “Everything in moderation” has been setting you up to fail all along?

This is one of the most powerful worksheets that I use in my coaching programs. I made this particular worksheet because I’m a firm believer that moderation is not for everyone…or everything.

Take me for an example: I can eat ice cream in moderation, but if you put french fries even near me I will eat them until there are no more in sight—and then I’ll want french fries every day afterwards.

I learned this concept from Gretchen Rubin, a habits and happiness expert, and author of “Better than Before”. I find this to be incredibly useful when it comes to dieting!

Which foods turn you into the cookie monster? I’ll help you figure that out with this free download. Get yours below!

Marisa Moon Habits to Thrive Abstainer Moderator.png

A member of my Intermittent Fasting Freedom Course said:

“Abstainer or Moderator really made me look and think hard about foods that I have issues with. I have never really looked at it that way! I loved this worksheet. It really forced me to think hard about my food triggers.”