What the heck is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent Fasting Freedom

35-day online course, designed to help free yourself from dieting that sucks and enjoy the most flexible fasting lifestyle, ever.

There’s so much confusion regarding intermittent fasting because there are like 20 proven ways to do it...plus, you’re unique!

Successfully integrating this protocol into your life is so much easier with personalized support, and my step-by-step online course called Intermittent Fasting Freedom!

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About your coach:

Marisa Moon is a certified Primal Health Coach and the host of The Foundation of Wellness Podcast. She’s the writer for mylongevitykitchen.com and a nutrition consultant for Hi-Vibe Organic Superfood Juicery in Chicago. Marisa also coaches on the hiitide mobile app, and the Aura mobile app (channel: The Wild Within).

After 5+ years of intermittent fasting in her own life, and then teaching intermittent fasting in webinars and live workshops, Marisa created a new online course called Intermittent Fasting Freedom: the most flexible and intuitive fasting program, ever.

This course was inspired by Marisa’s original Step-by-Step Intro to Intermittent Fasting, a 4-step workshop she presented at the Chicago music & wellness festival called Mamby on the Beach in Summer of 2018.

Due to popular demand, Marisa began teaching her step-by-step approach on webinars, at Shanti Wellness Center in Munster, and Super Soul Saturday Holistic fair in Hammond, Indiana. She’s now teaching 1-week Intermittent Fasting Challenges on the hiitide mobile app.