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Let's join together for a presentation that resonates with you and your audience. Workshops can be food-focused, hands on, educational or inspirational. I work with the Apple Keynote application to implement slideshow visuals and projected content wherever appropriate. 

My experience includes speaking at community wellness workshops, annual cooking demos and interactive workshops at Chicago's Mamby on the Beach festival, online webinars, and group-challenges through My6Method coaching.

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    Topics I've spoken on:

    • Primal Living in the Modern World
    • Maximizing Plant Nutrients
    • Why Soak, Sprout, or Ferment Nuts & Seeds
    • Sanitize Smarter with Essential Oils
    • Barbecue Season Tips to Defend Your Health
    • Why is Wellness and Dieting So Confusing Today?
    • The Traditional Foods Diet
    • Top 3 Dietary Changes for Disease Prevention
    • Effective Strategies for Dining Out/Socializing with Dietary Restrictions and Food Sensitivities
    • Holiday Survival Tips
    • Transitioning from a Strict Diet to Real Life
    • Smarter Food Selection for a Real Food Lifestyle