Is Red Meat Healthy? (Podcast #21)

Is Red Meat Healthy? (Podcast #21)

There’s no denying that red meat is getting a majorly bad reputation.

Have you stopped eating red meat after watching movies like Forks Over Knives or What the Health?

What if those claims are wrong?

In episode 21 of our podcast, Jessica and I discuss the scary headlines and claims regarding red meat and how it's linked with heart disease and cancer.

You'll learn about the most important points to remember, how to source healthy meat, how to prepare it, and what the context of your plate should really look like.

Listen to this podcast episode, anytime, anywhere (that’s why podcasts are so awesome).

Points of Discussion:

  • Ex-vegan Denise Minger debunks “the China Study”

  • Dr. Weston A Price and the downfall of a Westernized diet

  • Reality of farming methods today

  • Definition of grass-fed and grass-finished

  • Symbiotic role of plant and animal foods

  • Total red meat intake and colon cancer risk

  • Carcinogens caused by searing, frying, grilling, blackening meat and seafood

  • Saturated fat intake and cardiovascular disease risk

  • CLA for fat burning

  • Omega 3 fats for reduced inflammation

  • Vitamin B12 for energy and brain health

  • Heme iron benefits, concerns and solutions

  • Vitamin D for bone health

    Also mentioned in this episode: for U.S. Midwest healthy bones (affiliate link) for healthy bones anywhere in the US

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Marisa Moon, Primal Health Coach

Disclaimer: Consult with your doctor or functional medicine practitioner before trying any of the remedies or protocols mentioned in this episode. Jessica Dogert and Marisa Moon are not physicians or medical practitioners.


Photo Credit: Jason Leung

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