A Certified Health Coach helping busy adults put an end to dieting and create a healthy lifestyle that fits.

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The dizzying world of health and dieting makes you constantly question what to eat and where you went wrong. I’m here to show you how life can exist without uncomfortable symptoms or endless dieting. See what others are saying.

Hey there, it’s me, Marisa Moon. Get to know me better in under a minute.

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Someone You Can Relate To

My coaching style is approachable, non-dogmatic, lighthearted, and optimistic. I believe in you because the human body is designed to thrive. By honoring that which makes you unique, we are able to achieve great things with your health!

What’s in it for You?

I know what it’s like to search endlessly for answers about my health—it’s disheartening and ends up a wasting a lot of time and energy. When I coach you, you’ll feel like you finally have someone simplifying the steps needed to reach your goals and stick with the results. But the best part is: I want you to be happy with your new lifestyle. That’s why we always find one that truly works, for you.

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What is Primal Health?

Inspired by the ways of our early ancestors, I practice a flexible, Primal approach in all facets of wellness. By honoring a traditional-foods diet, and a balanced fulfilling lifestyle, your body will amaze you with resilience and optimal health.

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